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Assistive Devices Center

Assistive Devices Center

Many people with disabilities can’t perform activities of daily living easily. By using assistive devices or related technologies, the disabled can achieve a good quality and an independent life. Also their caregivers or families can care the disabled with more energy-saving methods. In order to satisfy the needs of those disabled, the first assistive device center in Taiwan was established in 1995. We have been dedicated to offer professional evaluation and to serve more than 140,000 disabled since then. In 2014, The First Social Welfare Foundation has been entrusted by Taipei City Government to operate “Assistive Devices Center” and to exhibit a library of assistive devices. We provide integral services of assistive devices.


We have professions including therapists, social workers, technicians to provides the following services

a. Consulting and referral

b. Evaluation and re-evaluation for assistive devices

c. Assistive devices maintenance: to increase service life of assistive devices

d. Device loans: for those people with short-term needs of assistive device, we offer a 2-month free service. Please make a reservation and bring your ID card (must be residents of Taipei City)

e. Device reutilization: we accept donation for used devices

f. Device demonstration: we have different types of devices, such as ADL devices, mobility devices, augmentative and alternative communication systems, sensory devices for visual impairment, computer access devices, and even devices for different age group, such as senior or child. Welcome to walk-in or make a reservation for guided tours in advance (minimum 20 persons)

We offer our services for the followings

a. Evaluation and maintenance of assistive devices: must be a resident of Taipei City and currently lives in Taipei City with his/her disability card or certification

b. Consulting, reutilization and loans of assistive devices: must be a resident of Taipei City and currently lives in Taipei City

Organized by

Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government

Implemented by

The First Social Welfare Foundation

Service Area

Mainly in Shilin/ Datong/ Zhongshan/ Beitou Dist.

Service Hours

Tuesday-Friday 10:00AM-19:00 PM

Saturday 9:00AM-17:00 PM

Sunday-Monday Off

Contact Info

Phone: 02-77137760

Fax: 02-25977957

Address: Taipei Expo Park U-Life Village, No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10452, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

MRT: Yuanshan Station Exit. 1 (Red Line)