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Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office Job Accommodation Services

Type of Welfare

Job Accommodation Services for people with disability


The service is to provide access to help with workplace modifications, including improving workplace environment, specialized equipment, work strategy, working conditions adjustment, or subsidies for work-related assistive technology in order to assist people with disability to eliminate work obstacles and to improve work efficiency..

Service recipients

  1. The company who employs people with disability whose workplace is located in Taipei city.
  2. People with a disability who work within or employed by companies located in Taipei city.

Required documents

  1. The application form.
  2. One hard copy of disability card.
  3. One hard copy of employment certification.
  4. The evaluation report done by the assigned unit and the other official documents are relevant to the applicant’s condition and needs

Contact Office

Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

Contact information

  • Address: 6F., No.21, Sec. 1, Di-Hua St., Datong District, Taipei City 10343
  • TEL: (02)2559-8518 ext.6301 or 6303
  • FAX: (02)2559-8528




By bus:

  1. Route 518, 811 to Minsheng W. Rd., the office is within 3-minute walking distance.
  2. Route 9, 206, 255, 274, 539, 641, 669, 704, Route Gong-Xi(公西) to North Gate(北門) of San Chung Bus, to Nanjing W. Rd., and walk about 3 minutes to the office.
  3. Route 2, 42, 46, 250, 282, 288, 302, 306, 622, 639, Zhi-Nan 1(指南1), Zhi-Nan 2(指南2), to Yuan-huan(圓環), and the office is within 10-minute walking distance.
  4. Route 12, 52, or 274 to TCUH Zhongxin Branch(中興院區), and then walk 3 minutes to the office.


  1. Take the MRT to Zhongshan(中山) Station, and transfer to Bus Route 12 or 52 to TCUH Zhongxin Branch(中興院區) , then walk 4 minutes to the Office; Or walk 20 minutes along Nanjing W. Rd. from the Zhongshan(中山) Station.
  2. Take the MRT to Shuanglian(雙連) Station, and transfer Bus Route 42(to Yuan-huan), 811(to Minsheng W. Rd.), 518(to Minsheng W. Rd.), then walk 4 minutes to the Office;Or walk 20 minutes along Minsheng W. Rd. from MRT Shuanglian(雙連) Station.


  1. Yong-le Building. B1 Parking Lot
  2. Tacheng St. Underground Public Parking Lot