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Taipei City South Dist. Assistive Technology Center

Taipei City South Dist. Assistive Technology Center Photo 1 Taipei City South Dist. Assistive Technology Center Photo 2

With many years of experience in developing training programs for disabled population at The First Social Welfare Foundation, we realized that assistive devices can help people with disabilities to achieve a more independent and productive life. Thus, we established the first assistive device center in Taiwan in 1995, funded by Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan and ICBC Foundation (The international commercial Bank of China Cultural and Educational Foundation), named “The First Rehabilitation & Assistive Devices Resource Service Center”. Our goal is to provide a place to demonstrate a variety of assistive devices and let disabled and their caregivers to meet their needs. Furthermore, we also provide information about manufacturers of assistive devices and distributors so that the disabled can get devices easily. In 2005, we entrusted and implanted a program, ”South Dist. Assistive Device Project”, from Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City, and offer services for the residents of Taipei city.

Service Area

Mainly in Xinyi /Wenshan /Neihu / Nangang Dist.

Service Hours


9:00am-12:00 noon


Contact Us

Phone: 02-27207364

Address:No.11, Ln. 345, Wusing St., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City 110018, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Fax: 02-27239464

Email: sdat@diyi.org.tw